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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience some Frequently Asked Questions are answered below. If your question is not addressed here and you need additional information, please contact us .

What do you do with the cell phones that are donated?
Valued phones are remarketed and sold primarily within developing countries where cellular phones are the primary means of communication with the cash value being returned to the non-profit organization for each donated phone.

Working, non-valued phones are designated as 911 emergency phones and donated to shelters and charities nationwide, non-valued or scrap phones are shredded and recycled exclusively within the United States by E.P.A. permitted facilities for the recovery of metals and plastics. Prior to distribution all 911 emergency cell phones are tested, cleared of personal information, introduced into new markets where cell phones are typically the only line of communication available.

Are the memory card and the SIM card the same?
No. The sim card contains your personal information along with your address book. It is not necessary to send the SIM card in with the phone. The memory card is used to share downloads, pictures, games, ring tones, etc. If your phone requires a memory card, we need it along with the phone to make a test call.

Do you track stolen cell phones?
We do not track stolen cell phones, but we keep a record of esn numbers of the phones that are donated so a stolen phone can be cross checked. We also work with law enforcement agencies and report suspicious activity.

How many cell phones can I donate to the 911 Cell Phone Bank?
There is no limit to the number of phones you can donate to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. We will cover the cost of shipping for any phone we are currently accepting and provide you with a tax deductible receipt.

What is your recycling policy?
The 911 Cell Phone Bank is environmentally conscious and is dedicated to environmental stewardship. It is our commitment to insure that no cell phone or its components are disposed of in a landfill. We have partnered with the nations leading specialist in the recycling and reuse of industrial by-products. Any cell phone sent to us will be reused for it’s intended purpose or properly recycled in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.  

Will you charge me for recycling my non-working or non-valued cell phone?
There is no charge for recycling a non-working or non-valued phone. The 911 Cell Phone Bank is dedicated to providing a convenient way to recycle cell phones at no cost to business or the consumer.

If you do not have any phones that we currently use, we will still recycle your old phones. Working models will be used in the 911 emergency cell phone program, while non-working models will be recycled.

What if my cell phone has a few dings and scratches but still works, will you accept it?
Absolutely! We only require that the cell phone is complete and operates normally. Cosmetic condition will have no effect on whether the phone will be used or not.

What if my cell phone is in really rough know, the plastic lens is chewed antenna ...numbers worn completely off the buttons...but still works, will you accept it?
Yes we will. As long as the phone will power up, make a test call, has a good LCD and no water damage we will accept it. If the phone has extra features like a camera, they should be functional as well.

Do you want my battery, charger and other accessories?
Please send the cell phone, charger and battery if you have them. We do not need cell phone accessories or manuals. If you include the accessories, however, we will make sure they are properly recycled. Please….no shipments of batteries and chargers only.

What if my cell phone is broken and cannot be repaired, will you still accept it?
If the phone is broken and will not power up or make a test call it will not be used. If you send us the phone, however, it will be properly recycled.

Does it matter what service provider my phone is for?
No, service provider is not considered when accepting phones at The 911 Cell Phone Bank.

What if my phone has a personal lock code?
If your phone has a personal lock code, please unlock the phone or send the code along with the phone.

Do I have to pay for shipping?
No, from this web site you may print a prepaid shipping label. You do not have to pay to ship your phones to us.

Is my personal information and the address/phone book information deleted or do I have to do that?
We recommend  that all personal information be cleared from your phone prior to donating it. However, our technicians remove personal information from all phones destined for 911 Emergency use.

Can I donate the funds my agency generates from the collection of cell phones?
Yes, you can specify any non-profit organization to be the beneficiary of your funds or donate it back to the 911 Cell Phone Bank.

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